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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Most Popular Water Balloon Shot - In Slow Motion

Cool Gadgets – High Resolution Video Goggles

Everybody wants one: the biggest screen they can get, smack dab in front of their faces. Just imagine 62 virtual inches of bright and shiny TV glory floating 9 feet before your peepers. It’s a bit of television nirvana – that’s what it is. Head-mounted heaven.

Most video goggles only display 320 x 240 resolution video, which is fine for the most basic of video sources, but these bad boys pump out 4 times the number of pixels. That’s right – you heard me! Plug in your favorite video source, be it video game console, iPod – whatever, as long as it supports NTSC out, sit back, and bombard your rods and cones with photons in the 400 to 700 nanometer range (that’s the visible light spectrum, for those science-challenged).

The included battery pack lets your goggles go portable – wear them on the subway, or on the treadmill, or catch up on the last season of Battlestar in bed while your significant other snoozes blissfully unaware. Sure, you might get looks while wearing them in public, but you know what? They’re jealous – that’s right! They want what you’ve got, and are coveting. Let ‘em. They can get their own.

The high resolution video goggles are available to buy online for $349.99 from

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Cool Picture Of The Day - Sept / 03 / 2011

True Wild Life | Frilled Lizard | The frilled lizard is a large species of lizard natively found in the jungles of Australia and its surrounding islands. The frilled lizard is known by a number of names including the frill-necked lizard and the frilled dragon. The frilled lizard is an arboreal animal meaning that it spends the majority of its life in the trees. Frilled lizards can be found in humid climates such as tropical jungles and forests, across Australia and Papua New Guinea.

The frilled lizard is named after the large fold of skin that usually lies folded up against the frilled lizard's head and neck. When the frilled lizard feels threatened, the fold of skin fans out around the frilled lizard's head in order to make the frilled lizard appear larger and more intimidating than it is. The frilled lizard is fairly large species of lizard that can grow to nearly a meter in length. The long tail and sharp claws of the frilled lizard help the frilled lizard when it is climbing around in the trees.

Like many other species of lizard, the frilled lizard is an omnivorous animal and the frilled lizard will therefore eat almost anything it can find. Despite this though, the frilled lizard will eat meat whenever possible as it hunts a variety of insects, spiders, rodents and small reptiles. Due to its relatively large size, the frilled lizard has only a handful of

Social Media Revolution

Did You Know? 2011 "We are living in exponential times" - The Social Media Revolution

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Great Optical Illusion

Wow this is a cool picture illusion by artist Craig Tracy.

Virtual Keyboad - Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

The Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is a small compact device that can project a keyboard onto any flat surface you choose.  Once projected, you can customize the sounds that the keyboard clicks make, giving you the complete Hackers experience!
The device projects  63 keys and is a full sized QWERTY keyboard!  The device itself is about 3.5 inches high so it can literally fit in your shirt pocket, and set up with your blackberry!  Super Cool!
With this gadget you can actually type really fast and has multiple key support.  
The kit includes the charger, the main display device, rechargeable batteries, and a travel kit!  I wouldn't recommend this as your daily keyboard, but for fun, as well as some practical benefits while you’re on the road, this thing is great! You can buy one if you like at I-Tech.
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