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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Virtual Keyboad - Bluetooth Laser Keyboard

The Bluetooth Laser Keyboard is a small compact device that can project a keyboard onto any flat surface you choose.  Once projected, you can customize the sounds that the keyboard clicks make, giving you the complete Hackers experience!
The device projects  63 keys and is a full sized QWERTY keyboard!  The device itself is about 3.5 inches high so it can literally fit in your shirt pocket, and set up with your blackberry!  Super Cool!
With this gadget you can actually type really fast and has multiple key support.  
The kit includes the charger, the main display device, rechargeable batteries, and a travel kit!  I wouldn't recommend this as your daily keyboard, but for fun, as well as some practical benefits while you’re on the road, this thing is great! You can buy one if you like at I-Tech.

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