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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool Gadgets – High Resolution Video Goggles

Everybody wants one: the biggest screen they can get, smack dab in front of their faces. Just imagine 62 virtual inches of bright and shiny TV glory floating 9 feet before your peepers. It’s a bit of television nirvana – that’s what it is. Head-mounted heaven.

Most video goggles only display 320 x 240 resolution video, which is fine for the most basic of video sources, but these bad boys pump out 4 times the number of pixels. That’s right – you heard me! Plug in your favorite video source, be it video game console, iPod – whatever, as long as it supports NTSC out, sit back, and bombard your rods and cones with photons in the 400 to 700 nanometer range (that’s the visible light spectrum, for those science-challenged).

The included battery pack lets your goggles go portable – wear them on the subway, or on the treadmill, or catch up on the last season of Battlestar in bed while your significant other snoozes blissfully unaware. Sure, you might get looks while wearing them in public, but you know what? They’re jealous – that’s right! They want what you’ve got, and are coveting. Let ‘em. They can get their own.

The high resolution video goggles are available to buy online for $349.99 from

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